For the traveller, whether he is in love with nature or culture, this country is simply essential.

Colombia has all the ecosystems on the planet. From the Pacific coasts to the Caribbean coral islands, the Andean glaciers, the Guajira desert, the jungles of the Amazon, to the Llanos, the richness and the contrasts of its nature are immeasurable. Its biodiversity is the second most important of the planet.

Its varied landscapes make it an entire country both in terms of nature and culture. From small colonial villages to large modern and cosmopolitan cities, the contrast between the past and the present is still very marked. This temporal shock makes it the wealth of the country.

A Cultural Wealth
Colombia is at once Native American, African and Mediterranean. This cultural richness is experienced through music, dance, customs, and even gastronomy. This amplitude both culturally and naturally gives it the status of country-continent.

Our Services

Natura Travel works in close collaboration with experienced bilingual guides.

They are supported by a vast network of local guides in all regions of the country.

Land transport for our customers is carried out in comfortable vehicles, adapted to European requirements.

Our drivers have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the regions of the country.

Finally, we carry out quality controls throughout the year, with our hotel service providers, carriers and restaurateurs.

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