The Colombian villages and the cordiality of their inhabitants are perhaps what prefer the customers of their stay in Colombia.
To name just a few wonders: Villa de Leyva, Barichara and Salento, villages with a Mediterranean climate set at the foot of the Andean Cordillera.
They harbor the colors of an architecture inherited from Andalusia, Spain. Their roads with coarse cobblestones are ideal for walking and meeting. “Callejear” and “pueblear” as they say in Colombia.
Coffee is grown on the volcanic soil of the central mountain range. One or two nights in a traditional hacienda are the guarantors to discover the secrets of the best coffee in the world.
How could a city of 2.5 million inhabitants have passed in a few years from the most dangerous city in the world to an icon of resilience observed internationally?
This is what we will discover during our stay. We will see how the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, called comunas, are integrated into the process of social transformation. Hip hop, street art, but also cultural centers and libraries are located there allowing young people to express themselves. The Casa de la Memoria is a voice for the victims who can forge tools there to build their present life.
But Medellin is also a modern metro, noisy business districts, clean, well-appointed parks and shantytowns stretching as far as the eye can see. Culture is bubbling there, whether through the art of Botero appearing in the streets of the city center, the culture of tango closely mixed with the death of Master Gardel on the airport tarmac, or the arts of the street in the comunas.
It is an economically active city by day and festive at night, in short, a world apart in Colombia to be discovered urgently!
From the coffee region, to the paramos of more than 4,000 meters above sea level, passing through the deserts, the jungle, or even the coral reefs, come and discover the exceptional biodiversity that Colombia offers
Colombia is also a Caribbean coast that is still very wild and authentic. From Cartagena de Indias, aboard our elegant speedboat Caribéa, discover exclusively the Archipelago of San Bernardo, Bahia Majagual and Isla Fuerte. We have a fleet of catamarans to go from Cartagena to the Panamanian coast and to explore the fabulous San Blas Islands. The Barranquilla Carnival is a unique spectacle; each year we organize trips combined with an authentic and unparalleled discovery of Cartagena and Medellin.
Bogota was the capital of the vice kingdom of New Granada and Cartagena de Indias, the home port of the galleons transporting gold and silver from the Andes to Cuba.
Colombia is a major country in South American history, the presence of an unequaled colonial architecture will delight you.
From Popayán, the Andean city of the Baroque and religious “cofradias”, to Cartagena, the tumultuous Caribbean, the vestiges are legion. In Colombia the population is surprisingly young and the social life is quite decentralized (federal system as in Germany and the USA). University campuses are flourishing in every city across the country. Creativity is felt in the street art of avenues and museums of modern art everywhere. To name a few emblematic neighborhood names not to be missed: Bogota and its Candelaria, Medellin and The Poblado, Cali and San Antonio, Cartagena and Getsemani.
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